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Series 100 Engines for Sale Hi members I have meet an owner of a engine re-build specialist, and he has 3 Series 100 engines for sale. The first one is fully race prepared, with a modified head, high compression pistons, balanced crank, etc, etc This engine is ready to go and is in a “new” […]

Bristol 603 Manual

Hi Mike If you follow the literature tab on this site you’ll find the 603 drivers handbook. The nearest you’ll get to a workshop manual is the one for the 407 but little changed between the 407 and 603. Best wishes Michael Barton   Hi Everyone Just wondering if a Bristol 603 manual exists? If […]

john lawley

Hi Mike If you log onto the site and look at membership lists you’ll find John Lawley’s phone number easily. I’m not sure it is a good idea to put phone numbers on the public part of the site. Best wishes Michael Barton     Hi John I have finished with Unipart for the time […]