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BODA have negotiated a discounted rate for members who book in advance for either Friday or Saturday.  Details and the discount code can be found by reading the attached flyer.  Just click on the image for a better view.

Solex Carburetter refurbishment

I had all three of my carbs rebuilt last year by:

Carburetter Exchange
28f High St, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1EA, Tel 01525 371369





They did an excellent job and the cost was £250-300 for all three – not cheap but kit now like new.  They quoted 6-12 weeks for work to be done.

Mike Say

Ed.  Extract of services provided pasted below as taken from their website Oct 2013

Over the past 80 years or so there have been innumerable carburetter designs by many different manufacturers, and it would be impossible for us to compile a detailed rebuild procedure for each one. However, all carburetters tend to follow the same principles of design, enabling us to give an indication of the various processes involved.

  • Carburetters are completely stripped.
  • Components are subjected to a four part chemical cleaning process which is the only effective way to remove dirt and corrosion from the internal circuitry as well as restoring the castings to their original appearance.
  • Castings are polished to a high standard, or stove enamelled. *
  • Mating faces are re-machined to ensure flatness.
  • The throttle spindle housing is re-bushed using P.T.F.E. lined glacier type bushes and line reamed to correct tolerance.
  • Steel components are de-rusted and inhibited.
  • Steel components are re-plated. *
  • Brass components are chemically brightened.
  • Brass components are polished. *

* Denotes concours service only.

Carburetters are now re-assembled using all new wearing components, i.e.:

  • Throttle spindle
  • Float needle valve
  • Throttle plate
  • Volume/Air screw
  • Throttle plate screws
  • Diaphragms
  • Metering needle
  • Seals and washers
  • Jet Ancillaries
  • Gaskets

Any other components found to be faulty will be replaced. All internal components are adjusted and set as per manufacturer’s specification.  Carburetters are then engine tested to ensure correct functioning of the following:-

Fuel level, Idle circuit, Choke mechanism, By-pass circuit, Pull down and fast-idle operation, Progression circuit, Correct throttle operation, Main circuit, Correct response to mixture adjustment, Pump circuit.

(Upon re-fitting to vehicle, normal adjustments will be necessary)

Carburetters are given a final inspection and guaranteed for 12 months.

406 rebuild help


i am restoring a 1959 406 and need the following, some of them urgently to help progress
front bumper bolts x 2
drivers side front bumper dumb iron
boot handle
horn push
hub caps with mounting boss and caps

windscreen chrome surrounds for both front and back
let me know what else you may have


This years AGM was held in Gloucester.  The weekend started with a trip to the Gloucester waterways museum.  The picture below shows six of the 10 cars on display outside the museum, drawing considerable interest from locals and tourists alike.BODA AGM 2013


Members were treated to a cruise down the Gloucester canal, followed by a tour of the museum.

The throng eventually moved on to the Cheltenham Chase Hotel where good company, good food and the odd tipple ensued.

On Sunday we held our second AGM after a good nights sleep and a full English.  Minutes of the meeting will be posted on this site shortly.  In the meantime is is suffice to say that the mood was very positive, sound progress having been made to grow the membership and expand the services of the club.

A big thank you must go out to Gale Barton for arranging this event so brilliantly.


Forum enhanced

The club forum has now been enhanced.

You can now see which topics you have read and can mark favourite topics as “liked”.  The forum also shows most recent topics and replies, has a search facility and even some forum statistics.

I hope you find the additions useful.

Bristol 401- 85C engine

Need new main bearings – 0.010 . Any suggestions on suppliers? Standard and 0.020 seem to be obtainable but not 0.010 .

Also a replacement /new camshaft required for same engine.

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