Bristol Cars Heritage Trust Lecture

The Bristol Cars Heritage Trust are arranging another lecture afternoon. This one is being held at the Petwood Hotel, Stixwould Rd, Lincolnshire, LN10 6QG from 1.30 to 5pm on Saturday 5th of April 2014.

The programme is as follows:

  • Warwick Banks will talk about his experience racing Bristols.
  • Brian May will talk about his 40 plus years experience of spannering Bristols.
  • To celebrate our cars heritage of ultrafine aero-engineering ”Smudge” Smith from The Aircraft Restoration Company, Duxford, will tell us about his remarkable story of his decade in rebuilding, flying and then crashing Blenheim G-BPIV – and what they did next.

Refreshments will be served and there may well be cake once again! Tickets will be sold on the door for £14, half price for scholars.

All welcome, please advise if you would like to come so we can lay in adequate supplies for you.

See Petwood Hotel Home at Petwood for details of the hotel (former home of 617 squadron) and its surroundings.


I spotted this reference to the fact that the Carrozzeria Bertone had been commissioned by Bristol Cars in the 1950’s.

Just above halfway down the page – below the photo of the Iso Grifo
” 1950s
The 1950s brought in the first orders from countries other than Italy, in particular
from MG and Bristol Cars Limited in 1952 “.

It is probably blindingly obvious to most members to which Bristol car or cars this refers, but not to me. Can anyone put me out of my misery ? If all else fails, there are some beautiful cars to look at on this page.

The website is . My internet search led me to this page ( honest ! ) but if anyone is squeamish I can tell you that this page is all about Bertone and nothing else.

Dave Dale.