Aerodyne market values

The January 2015 edition of Classic Cars magazine ( UK ) carries an article on the value of the 401 and 403 relative to Astons. There is an interesting graph which purports to show the rise and fall in the 401/3 market from 1987 to present day.

These magazines seem to be given publishing dates which stretch increasingly further into the future from the actual date of publication. For anyone who may be wondering why this happens ( nerd that I am ), I have enquired.  Apparently, the reason for this is that casual readers approach the rack of magazines in shops at railway stations and airports for something to read on the journey. They will, more often than not, simply choose the magazine which appears to be the most recent, rather than choose by title preference.

Dave Dale.

Bristol timing chain

On my Arnolt Bristol, we installed a new timing-chain and sprockets, but the timing chain, which is not adjustable, hangs loose, which is not good.  It’s apparently a known problem and some engines have a looser timing chain than others.  What the loose timing-chain needs is a rubbing block on the so-called slack side of the chain.  Does anyone know of  solution for this such as an adjustable rubbing block for the chain?




1970’s article

I have acquired an article on behalf of the BOC Heritage Trust from Warwick Banks, who has generously donated the host publication from the early 1970’s to the Trust. It is a substantial work, in which the famous author gives his version of the Company and the early 2 litre models 400 to 405. The article contains much interesting detail, stories and anecdotes, together with his opinions – some controversial.

I would like to share the article with any forum member who may be interested. To receive the scanned items as one .pdf attachment please email a request to me at / bristol at davedale dot co dot uk. On previous occasions I have had many requests to see items that I have scanned.  Please be patient and be prepared to wait for a reply as it is easier for me to do nothing until all requests have been received and then I can send out the scan to all, as one mass mailing. Many thanks.

Dave Dale.

A strange website

This is a website that I have not encountered before. Any member who is bored might like to while away a few moments looking at the strangely distorted and oddly catalogued photos to see if they recognise their own Bristol. If there is any interest in the Bristol buses and planes – go to:  ( Click on the model name )

For the cars alone – go to: ( Click on the menu on the left hand side ).

Dave Dale.