Call for Heritage Trust web commissioning editors and contributors.

The Heritage Trust is busy building the master structure of a wiki website. The website has been designed to grow organically with contributions from everyone who has an interest in the heritage of the marque. As with Wikipedia, we need a structure to help edit and write content that is relevant, accurate and coherent.

The website will differ from the existing clubs and enthusiasts websites in that it will be constantly evolving and growing, and will concentrate on the personal experiences of owners and drivers, as well as acting as a comprehensive resource for anyone researching and aspect of Bristol history, either at corporate or car level.

We are looking for volunteer Commissioning Editors for the website who can recruit, galvanise and enthuse contributors to build accurate, informative and interesting content on the history of Bristol Cars.

Each commissioning editor would look after a specific model or aspect of Bristol Cars Heritage.

We also need contributors to help write small pieces on the history of  Bristol Cars Limited.

All help will be gratefully received,

Yours in Bristol



For members who can’t get enough of photographs of Bristol cars, two web pages have surfaced:

Random photos of cars – is yours there?

If you have, or have an interest in, a Fighter interior!

Dave Dale.

401 / 403 articles

I have acquired two rare magazines from the early 1950’s for the BOC Heritage Trust. The first is an Australian publication with an enthusiastic report on the new 401. The second carries a glowing report of the new 403, including a road test on the Jabbeke Highway in Belgium.
I would like to share the articles with any forum member who may be interested. To receive the scanned items as one .pdf attachment please email a request to me at / bristol at davedale dot co dot uk. On previous occasions I have had many requests to see items that I have scanned. Please be be patient and be prepared to wait for a reply as it is easier for me to do nothing until all requests have been received and then I can send out the scan to all, as one mass mailing.

Please don’t post your request to this forum. Many thanks.

Dave Dale.