1953 publication

I have acquired an article from a rare 1953 publication. A 403 is tested but it is less of a road test of the 403 and more of a treatise on how the company develops its models and a perception of company policy.
I would like to share the article with any forum member who may be interested. To receive the scanned items as one .pdf attachment please email a request to me at bristol@davedale.co.uk / bristol at davedale dot co dot uk. On previous occasions I have had many requests to see items that I have scanned. Please be be patient and be prepared to wait for a reply as it is easier for me to do nothing until all requests have been received and then I can send out the scan to all, as one mass mailing in the new year.

Please don’t post your request to this forum.  Many thanks.

A happy and successful New Year to you all.

Dave Dale.

Bristol stuff

Two titbits about the new Bristols.



and an article with video starring Nick McGarvey’s Fighter.


Dave Dale.

BODA Valuation Service



With record prices being noted for Bristol cars in the Auction room recently BODA members should be looking at their insurance company agreed value clauses.

BODA now offers written valuation reports on member’s cars as a basis for agreement with their insurance companies.

Here are a couple of thoughts;

  • Total loss. As an example if the ferry sank and no salvage were possible rebuild costs are irrelevant and market value should be considered and negotiated.


  • Salvage rights. A car might be uneconomic to repair but nevertheless the owner might want to take the project on.


  • Rebuild costs. Even the worst case of salvage in theory could be rebuilt.  Witness the tool room copies of Bugatti Type 35’s produced over the past 20 years by Pur-Sang of Argentina.  They cost £130,000 to £150,000 each and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  As value soar owners need to be clear as to the terms of the contract they have with their insurers.


100% of our valuation reports for insurance purposes have been accepted by the insurance companies involved so far.


If you think we can help please contact;

BODA General Registrar

Michael Barton

michael@rtaccountants.co.uk or 01524 33476 / 07801 538170