Mark your diaries: Heritage Trust talks at Brooklands 7th May

Once again the Heritage Trust is staging one of its renowned lecture days. This time it will be at Brooklands on Saturday, 7 May. Please mark your diaries.

The draft program includes Kenneth Andrén talking about the Arnolt Bristol story, and John Ure talking about –  and bringing –  the famous Cooper Bristol which we will be able to see and hear  running on the premises.

Brooklands will be open all day, so come early for a good look round before our series of talks. This is a fundraising benefit for the Heritage Trust, and proceeds will go towards our recent barnfind 401, now being prepared  by Spencer lane Jones and Mitchell Motors  for display in the new Bristol Aerospace Centre

Yours in Bristol

Stefan Cembrowicz

403 article

To my surprise, I came across this article whilst checking Russian websites ( I can probably guess what members might be thinking but I was searching for Bristol related material to purchase for the Heritage Trust – honest ! ). Members might be interested to share this small piece on the 403.


Dave Dale.

Bristol car values

Following my initial post, it has been heartening to read the general opinion from members of all the Bristol forums that values of Bristol cars seem to be rising. However, we are all but mere amateurs in this valuation prediction game. An opportunity arose this week to hear a view from real ‘ experts ‘. A classic car publication gave the predictions of a number of ‘ leading auction specialists ‘ for classic car values in 2016. I was alarmed to read that the prediction of the head of one of the largest auction houses was that ” Bristols in particular are going to rocket “. I now fully expect Bristol car values to collapse this year!

Dave Dale.

Bristol car values

Thanks Michael.

Fairly new but simple site to show the perceived current UK value of your Bristol, depending on condition. Most members follow the current value of their own model(s). The values given on this site for my 403 seem on the high side. What do others think?

Dave Dale.

Bristol Car values The Oldie February 2016

Alan Judd has written an interesting piece about classic car values published in the latest issue of The Oldie (cover date February 2016). He talks about Bristol values and how he has watched them move.



Book signing at Retromobile

Michael Palmer, the author of Bristol Cars Model by Model will be attending Retromobile and he will be available of book-signing on the BODA stand at 2pm on Wednesday 3rd February

10% ethanol

This article describes the effects of fuel containing 10% ethanol on classic MG’s in USA. There is a plan to introduce 10% ethanol into the UK ( and probably elsewhere ), so Bristol owners might be interested to read this article. The comforting news is that the UK government has assured the FBHVC that fuel companies will be required, when the industry moves to 10% ethanol in the UK, to continue to supply a ‘ protection grade ‘ for heritage vehicles of fuel containing no more than 5% ethanol. We all know that we can trust, without question, our politicians to keep their promises – so no problem then!

Dave Dale.

john lawley

Hi Mike

If you log onto the site and look at membership lists you’ll find John Lawley’s phone number easily. I’m not sure it is a good idea to put phone numbers on the public part of the site.

Best wishes

Michael Barton



Hi John

I have finished with Unipart for the time being, unfortunately I have lost your telephone number.


If you could send it to me again I would be grateful.




Mike Murray

0781 482 1039

Nicely patinated

Of interest perhaps is this nicely patinated V8 in the USA, with different registration plates front and rear. I am far from knowledgeable about V8’s but believe it is a 408 or 409 and I can’t locate it in any club list. I wonder if there is an interesting story about this car. Does anyone recognise it?

Dave Dale.