Heritage Trust meeting Brooklands Sat May 7th

( From Stefan Cembrowicz )

Dear Boda enthusiast,

Just a wee reminder: the BOC Heritage trust is holding its annual lecture day at Brooklands next Saturday afternoon. We have a stunning line-up of speakers starting with Sir Gerry Acher on the history of flying and motor racing at Brooklands, Kenneth Andrén on the Arnolt Bristol story, and John Ure is bringing Peter Mann’s infamous ex Tony Crook Cooper-Bristol 1 1/2 seater for us to hear about and drool over.

Brooklands is a great site, so come early and bring a picnic or enjoy a greaseout in the cafe.(Ok,ok, many healthy options are also available).

Once youve got into Brooklands (£10) We’re asking for a £15 donation for the HT on the door, which will go towards our deconstructed presentation of a 403 for the massive new Bristol Aerospace Centre. This will be the first Bristol in any national Museum.

Please contact Andrew Stevens 0208 673 6565 or Stefan Cembrowicz on 0117 973 1883

400 Farina

For anyone unaware of the 400 Farina to be sold at auction in Monaco on 14th. May, this USA magazine review of might be of interest.


Further literature and some very nice photographs are to be found on the RM website


Dave Dale.

Steering wheels 410

Good evening all,

I am new to BODA and to Bristol ownership and have spent hours trawling through all of the fantastic information available.

I have found an area where I can’t find any information and that is regarding steering wheels on a 410.

will a Rolls Royce wheel fit a 410 spline? I’m lead to believe that the 411 spline will but I can’t find any information regarding if the splines are had same between the 410 and 411.

Thanks in anticipation