Here is the new Bristol!!

Looks like the Bullet which Toby Silverton let us put on an NEC stand some years ago. I see the evocation of Bristol Heritage but not sure the practicality will sell.

The original was a mock up for a 405 drophead/Arnolt replacement which had a Chrysler V8 in with a manual box. I had the privilege of driving it home from the NEC. It was a potent machine but was one for the hardy in November.

The is a piece on the Goodwood website https://www.goodwood.com/grrc/event-coverage/festival-of-speed/2016/6/world-exclusive-in-depth-with-bristols-comeback-model/





I have just purchased this delightful little I-spy card for the Heritage Trust. Not my usual type of aquisition but, at £2.00, I thought that it was a nice addition to the archive. Spying a 405 was worth 25 points! I wonder how that compared on the scale compared to, say, a Ford Popular.

Who remembers the News Chronicle and the Daily Dispatch?

The 2 images can be found in Gallery. Scroll down on left hand side to Gallery – then to Manage Galleries. Then scroll down to No. 21. – I-spy. Then double-click the word I-spy to see the thumbnails. Double clicking the thumbnails enlarges them.

Dave Dale.




Gentlemen in tweeds

Perhaps some of the many members who wear tweeds may be mildly interested to see this blog. It’s just another take on the Bristol Cars story with some nice pictures.


Dave Dale.