Hi everyone

Hi Every one just signed up to the forum and looking forward to being a member of the BODA presently restoring a 401 of which  I have owned for a number of years  and would like to know a bit more of the history of it REG No USJ 380 CHASSIS No 401/926 can anyone  help with the id history  ??????????

Bristols superior?


This is in this week’s Country Life magazine. From Michael Barton.

Another article

I have acquired for the Hertitage Trust an article from a 1970’s publication. It is a seemingly well researched and very detailed review of the car company from its origins to date. It might be that this article is well known but I, for one, had not seen this article before now.

I would like to share the article with any forum member who may be interested.

To receive the scanned items as one .pdf attachment please email a request to me at bristol@davedale.co.uk / bristol at davedale dot co dot uk. On previous occasions I have had many requests to see items that I have scanned. Please be be patient and be prepared to wait for a reply as it is easier for me to do nothing until all requests have been received and then I can send out the scan to all, as one mass mailing.

Please don’t post your request to this forum. Many thanks.

Dave Dale.

Spanish appreciation

It seems that the Bristol marque has aficionados in Spain. I like the translation.


Dave Dale.

WANTED – Parts for Bristol Aerospace Centre 403 display

Preparation of the barnfind rolling 403 shell for the Bristol Aerospace Centre is moving forward steadily. Despite many peoples’ generosity, we are still short of a number of items for the car. As it has to be completed in Sept this year, time is running short. If you were able to help with the provision of any of the following parts, that would be immensely helpful:
Front and rear bumper blades (?2), front and rear over-riders (?4), grilles for front bumper, one front spot light, chrome screen surrounds, chrome door frames (2), chrome rear side window surrounds (2), chrome strips and nose badge for bonnet and radiator, hub caps and badges (4), rear light units (2), lower wing panels (below rear wing) (2), distributor tower and distributor body, fuel rail, accelerator linkage, Enots reservoir and pump, fuel filler flap, steering wheel in sound condition.
If possible chromework should be good (I have some very rusty blades for exchange if you like). Condition of mechanical parts is unimportant.
I do hope you might be able to help and please ring me for any clarification. If you would like to visit and review progress that would be great.
Best Wishes

Peter Campbell