Wiper upgrade on 2-litre cars

The problem with existing systems is often the poor state of the rack and wheel boxes as well as a tired motor.  Modern wiper systems for kit cars are readily available and transform the original system on the 2-litre cars.  Stick with the existing wipers or, if you are serious, fit a modern system. 
Such a system comes from Stafford Vehicle Components.  It can be adapted to use modified original wheel boxes so no changes to the holes in the scuttle.  A fair amount of fettling required.  It’s not a direct swap.  Once set up it is superb.
Holden’s and J&L Spares who recondition wiper motors may offer alternative approaches.

On the other hand, just disassembling, degreasing and re-greasing the various parts of the Lucas system will often speed things up and make the mechanism more vigorous.  Motors also often need their commutators polished and the grooves between commutator segments deepened so the brushes make good contact with the brass segments.  Relubrication of the motor bearings almost always helps speed them up.

Spares for 401/403 for sale

The following 401-403 NEW spares are offered for sale 

a) Repair panel in front of windscreen – £50.00.

b) Bonnet nose repair panel – £40.00.

c) Top of front wing repair panel – £30.00.

d) 2 – O.S & N.S rear wings with wired edge – £500.00.

e) N.S rear wing repair panel – £75.00.

f) O.S rear wing.repair panel – £75.00.

g) O.S rear wing to ‘B’ post repair panel – £100.00.

h) 2 rear wing front repair panel – £100.00.

i) 2 roof front corners repair panels – £50.00.

j) 2 rear roof to rear window repair sections – £100.00.

k) Arnolt Bristol crankshaft with balance weights & std main & big end bearings – £1800.00.

Photographs available for all items on request. Please contact ;

derek.hughes467@gmail.com or Phone 01642 654328.


NEC 2018

Lever arm shock absorbers

A company which reconditions these shock absorbers is;

Stevson Motors Ltd (Specialist classic car hydraulic component manufacturers and recoditioners of lever arm and telescopic shock absorbers)
Unit 1, 2a Harrow Road
Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 7DN
Tel: 0121 472 1702   
Email: stevsonmotors1@aol.com

Engine Mounts for 407,408, 409, 410


The engine mounts for the 318 poly fitted to the 407-410 appear to be a rare and expensive parts kit.  This seems odd given the likely demand in the US.  The Brackets fitted were the Mopar “Floating Power” engine mounts for B body cars.  We were only able to find one US vendor selling new parts along with a number posts from US Plymouth owners grumbling about the price.  $484 plus carriage, taxes and duty!











For later 408’s, 409, 410 & 411

Tools, nuts & bolts

  • British Tools & Fasteners
    7696 NY-31, Lyons, NY 14489, USA
    +1 (315) 946-9400
    (Ship internationally)
  • Tracy Tools Ltd. (Tap & die specialists, engineers tool supplies)
    Unit 1, Parkfield Units
    Barton Hill Way
    TQ2 8JG‎
    Tel: 01803 328603‎

Suppliers of brake parts and services


Suppliers of hubcaps (Warning: Chrome quality might be poor)