We are able to offer a number of parts to members through our not for profit subsidiary that are either unavailable or costly elsewhere.

The starting point for BODA’s assistance to Members is to point them in the right direction for spares, advice, insurance and other practical matters.  

If spares are not available and if no other manufacturer or specialist is prepared to commission production then BODA will request Pegasus to consider the manufacture of the part.  Such projects are prioritised according to impact on members, complexity and cost.

The Bristol Owners & Drivers Association (BODA) is a UK not for profit Company Limited by the Guarantee of its Members (of £1 each) and as such is owned by them (c.250 @ 30th June 2017).  One of its primary purposes is to assist owners of Bristol Cars in keeping their cars  “on the road”.  To this end BODA has established a wholly owned subsidiary UK Company Pegasus Classic Parts Ltd the principal purpose of which is to source and supply spares if required.  Pegasus operates as a standard for profit Company but any profits are solely for the benefit of BODA and its Members.

BODA and Pegasus aim to break even on spares, taking into account investment in future parts development, manufacturing, storage, handling costs, packing, postage, insurance and wastage.  Pegasus will monitor the cost options of spares, aiming always to obtain cost effective good quality parts.  To defray these costs Pegasus will look to liaise with other car Clubs whose interests align with that of BODA.

2 Litre Cars & Engines

Carburettor Gaskets

Carburettor Insulation plates

Clutch cover & drive plate conversion

Engine mounts

Engine torque rubbers

Exhaust manifold gaskets

Gaskets for rocker covers

Gearbox mounts – 400/403/405/406

Read gaskets

Hub cap badges – orange and red

Lever arm shock absorbers re-conditioner – 400/403

Oil pumps



Piston Rings

Rocker cover end seals (rubber)

Starter motors – pre-engaged

Steering rack gaiters

Tappet sets

Pegasus badges red & yellow

Rear quarter light rubbers – most models

Telescopic shock absorbers – all models

Front windscreens – most models

Front windscreen seals – 404-410

V8 Cars & Engines

Exhaust Mounts

Suspension ball joints (upper)

Suspension rebound rubbers

Winscreens – rears 411 only

Windscreen seals – front & rear 411, Blenheim


Axle rebound rubbers – various models

Bumpers – Most models

Cylinder liners – general

Door handles 404 – 411

Exhausts to pattern – all models

Fibre steering washers (column to rack)

Foot pedal rubbers – various models

Pegasus badges – red & yellow

Rear quarter light rubbers – most models

Telescopic shock absorbers – all models

Front windscreens – most models

Front windscreen seals – 404-410

Popular Part Prices

Suspension gaiter set £95

BODA Cylinder head spanner £45

Rocker cover end seals £2.10 each

Rocker cover gaskets 3 pieces £12.25 set

Engine mounts £75 pair

Engine torque reaction rubbers £34 pair

Gearbox mounts 400 to 403 car £86 pair

Gearbox mounts 404 to 406 car £70 pair

Steering column bulkhead draught excluder rubber moulding. Used from 401 to 409 £34 each

Rubber seals for 401/3 door push buttons £6.30 each

Steering rack rubber bellows £16 pair

Red or yellow hub cap and body badges £35 each

New style “C” spanner for exhaust nuts £20 each

All of the above are available from stock plus carriage at cost

If you can’t find the part you are looking for in our list, contact us anyway using the form or email link below. We might have it or be able to suggest a supplier.



Last updated Nov. 2019