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The Bristol Owners & Drivers Association (BODA) is a UK not for profit Company Limited by the Guarantee of its Members (of £1 each) and as such is owned by them (c.250 @ 30th June 2017).  One of its primary purposes is to assist owners of Bristol Cars in keeping their cars  “on the road”.  To this end BODA has established a wholly owned subsidiary UK Company Pegasus Classic Parts Ltd the principal purpose of which is to source and supply spares if required.  Pegasus operates as a standard for profit Company but any profits are solely for the benefit of BODA and its Members.

The starting point for BODA’s assistance to Members is to point them in the right direction for spares, advice, insurance and other practical matters.  If spares are not available and if no other manufacturer or specialist is prepared to commission production then BODA will request Pegasus to commission the manufacture of spares if they are necessary to keep Members’ Bristols on the road.

BODA and Pegasus aim to break even on spares taking into account development, manufacturing, storage, handling, packing, insurance and wastage.  Pegasus will monitor the cost options of spares, aiming always to obtain cost effective good quality parts.  To defray these costs Pegasus will look to liaise with other car Clubs whose interests might also use the same spares.