Bristol images

Here is a website unbeknown to me until today. Scroll down to ‘ Bristol ‘ to see some photographs of Bristol cars which are worth viewing ( superfluous observation – all photographs of Bristol cars are worth viewing ? ). There are several photographs of each of 26 models, including some rare photographs of the Bristol Blenheim Speedster.

Dave Dale.

Bristol models

This US company is advertising 3D models of Bristol cars for, what looks like if they are any good, a reasonable $75 / £50. They offer any Bristol model to order but there are images and a video for each of the Blenheim, 401 and Fighter ( see right hand side of page ).

Dave Dale.

canadian blog

Some members might like to look at this blog. As usual, I invite you to spot the deliberate mistakes!

Dave Dale.

German website details Bristols

This German website has a surprisingly detailed history and factsheet on every Bristol model, including the 450 and Fighter. The following links are to the 400:

and the translation link is:

To see details of the other models, either

1.Delete the model number in the link to the German version above and substitute the required model number, then click the link.


2. In the translation version, substitute the model number in the search box and click ‘Search ‘.

Dave Dale.

Welcome to the new BODA website

m and churchill at Felixstowe

Welcome to the new club website.  You will notice that I have changed the style and layout of the website considerably.  I hope you like the changes we have made and that the new site will prove a valuable tool for its members.

Please note you MUST log in as a member to see the majority of the content we currently hold for our membership.

The main aim of the website is to be able to bring you the latest news and information from within the club.  The latest articles and news will appear in the centre section of the home page.  You can access the information through the tabs at the top of the page (Hover over a tabs to bring down the sub-menu).  You can also type a word into the search box to find articles on a specific topic.  Finally content teasers and links can be found on the left and right side bars.

All the technical archives from the old site have been imported and can be found under the maintenance tab.  Note that the sub-menu now allows you to choose all articles for a particular area of a car or a particular car model.

We now have a Facebook page and this can be visited by clicking the Facebook icon the the right.  This page is in its infancy.  Expect news to be added throughout 2013.

Finally, there is no doubt that there will be a few bugs or errors to be corrected over the next couple of weeks.  Please do email me with any suggested corrections or fixes.

Stuart Risebrow, Webmaster