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    Keith Ardley

    Wiper motor rubber mounting collapsed so fitted new one if that wasn’t bad enough the cable also seized up what a job to replace! had to remove the dash to gain access to the wiper gear boxes hope it never goes wrong again what ever Bristol’s was thinking to cum up with that idea still its repaired now Bye the way I keep the correct wiper motor mounts in stock if any one needs a replacement one Keith


    I had to do the same job on a Defender restoration a couple of years ago.

    It was a right pain.


    Interesting, Mike and I had to fit new grommets to the wipers recently which necessitated dropping the wiper boxes back in to the body, we did not have to move or remove the dash and with covers off it should have been possible to remove the cable and cover, It took a long time but might be we were just lucky, I will give it a try when I take more bits of the spares car.
    Sadly also have to deal with seized wiper rack on a Range Rover soon so now well depressed.
    Keith I have tried a couple of times to send messages off forum to you regarding headlight and other parts without success do you have a website or could you send or post details of all the parts you sell.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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