404, 405 road tests

I have acquired a French publication from the 1950’s. It has a front cover showing a 404 and a 405 being loaded into a Bristol Freighter aircraft of the Silver City line. The cars are on their way to Montlhery to be road tested. I have seen photographs of Bristol cars being loaded onto Bristol Freighters but I can’t recall this particular photograph. No doubt knowledgeable members will inform me that I must be the only Bristol owner who has not seen this photograph and be happy to tell me where else it is to be seen. I assume that the photograph is genuine and not the subject of a 1950’s version of photoshop! The road test results are in French text. Unfortunately, the page size exceeds the capacity of my A4 scanner but most of the text is readable so I have included it also, in case anyone would like to see it.

I would like to share the article with any forum member who may be interested. To receive the scanned item as one .pdf attachment please email a request to me at bristol@davedale.co.uk / bristol at davedale dot co dot uk. On previous occasions I have had many requests to see items that I have scanned.  Please be be patient and be prepared to wait for a reply as it is easier for me to do nothing until all requests have been received and then I can send out the scan to all, as one mass mailing.

Please don’t post your request to this forum.  Many thanks.

Dave Dale.