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401 radiator spec.

My 401 overheats at speed. It is possible that there is insufficient airflow through the radiator which is therefore not doing its job of cooling. Looking at it, the fins are mighty close together and I suspect it is incorrect. The flow of water through the radiator is good, so I know it's not blocked. Does anyone know what the specification of the radiator should be? 

Thanks for the reply. But what should the core actually look like? Mine seems very densely packed.

My car has a thermostat - no shutters.

Also, I've read elsewhere of owners who have fitted a trunking from the front to the air filter intake, supposedly to improve cooling. I can';t see how it would - surely it would just provide cool air to the engine to help carburration.

I can't tell you what the original 401 core should look like but this link might help and show you what a modern upgraded core looks like



May be over the top but no more overheating from now on 

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Wow! What type & size of fan is that, Keith?

Richard  Will get all the details and post when I get time tomorrow 

That Radiator looks very pretty.  I do like a bit of Bristol bling!