Please read the following before you apply by clicking the Join button below.

  • When you join BODA you become part of the Bristol Owners community.  We are committed to providing a friendly environment dedicated to keeping our wonderful cars on the road where they belong.  We also arrange affordable social events and trips throughout the year that offer members the chance to exchange news and advise or just share in the love of these iconic cars.
  • This website contains a wealth of content that is only visible to paying members ranging from both historic and modern articles on how to repair and maintain your car to parts availability and interchangeability. You can also access Drivers & Spares Handbooks and Workshop Manuals for some cars.
  • You can also now download some of old editions of Bodacious and the email Newsletter.  These publications contain useful technical advice.  They also provide an interesting record of club news throughout the seasons.
  • If you really get stuck we have a panel of volunteers ready to offer direction and advice on how to tackle your problem.  Many of these volunteers are experts in their field, some having worked within the motor manufacturing industry themselves.
  • Most importantly our wholly owned subsidiary, Pegasus Parts Ltd, focuses on the manufacture and supply of hard to find parts for our members, helping to keep Bristol drivers motoring.

Some further important points         

  • Unlike other clubs we do not have joining fees, 
  • Our membership year runs from the end of the month in which a new member joins. For example if you join on 7th July 2020 your renewal is due 31st July 2021
  • We support the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust and members can mandate a suggested £5 a year ‘levy’ on a voluntary basis with their initial and renewal
  • Click on the link to see our GDPR Rules
  • Whilst ownership of a Bristol is not a requirement for full membership (unlike other clubs VSCC for e.g.) we maintain a register of cars and would like your Bristol or related car data. If not UK registered enter ‘NOTUKREGD’. You should have your car details to hand when you start your application
  • Most important. We are a not for profit company limited by the guarantee of our members. Their individual  guarantee is limited to £1 and the guarantee extends for a year after they cease to be a member

Yes, I would like to join BODA!

The Application Process. Click on the “Join BODA” button below. This takes you to Crossmember membership management system. Please answer all questions and note that what you type is what will appear, so if you forget capital letters, e.g. for your name or address, that is how they will appear in letters, etc. Please add your own car details. You can change or add to your records at any time. You must tick the GDPR waiver or your application will not progress. We offer a wide range of payment options but no longer accept payment by cheque.

The fees are £35/year including the £5 BOHT levy.

It takes a few days for your payment to clear to the BODA account and the Membership Secretary will then get a notification that payment has been received and will update your paid-up status on the Website.

If you have a PayPal account or want to set one up you can use PayPal to pay, if you wish. Please bear in mind it costs the club £2.79 for you to do this so it is not our preferred payment method.

(Note: Crossmember is the Club Management and Membership site which deals with our membership management. Your details are secure and password protected.)