The following is a summary of some of the main specialists for Bristol cars. The Technical Archive provides details of many others who can supply parts and provide service and help.


Inracing of Nottingham produce new Bristol cylinder heads and complete engines; primarily aimed at the racing market, which consumes 2 litre engines. Usable 2 litre cylinder heads are becoming vanishingly rare. They can provide most parts for the engine and have a very good catalogue.

Palm Street,
New Basford,
Nottingham, NG7 7HS
Tel +44 (0)115 978 0663

Brisparts Ltd (formerly American Car Care Services)

Sadly Martin Barnes the owner of ACCS died in January 2020 and the firm is no longer in operation.

Spencer Lane Jones

Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd enjoys a first class reputation earned from work on thoroughbred cars over its long history. They have been maintaining & restoring classic cars since 1987.  Most members of the team have been together for many years. This long term relationship has bred a confident, experienced and capable team. Operating within a modern, well-equipped workshop, with the exception of paintwork and trimming, all other restoration activities can be undertaken in-house.

4 Newopaul Way, Warminster Business Park, Warminster, Wiltshire   BA12 8RY
Tel. 01985 847133

SLJ Hackett

SLJ Hackett was launched in September 2016 to bring together the knowledge, passion and experience of both Spencer Lane-Jones Ltd and Richard Hackett. The business incorporates the long-established brokerage business of Andrew Blow, pre-eminent in the sale of Bristols, historic BMWs and other fine marques.

4 Newopaul Way, Warminster Business Park, Warminster, Wiltshire   BA12 8RY
Tel. 01985 219551

Charlie Russell

Singlehanded Wiltshire based specialist Bristol servicing and restoration. Ex Spencer Lane-Jones.

01373 832220, 07714 330683

Brian May

Birmingham based longterm Bristol enthusiast, raconteur and mechanic.

Very sadly Brian May died in March 2020

Bristol Cars Ltd

Sadly Bristol Cars is in liquidation and no longer in operation.

Greg Lowe

Bristol restorer / specialist in the North (near York) with a large selection of new and used parts available. 07799431240

The Bristol Owners Club (BOC)

The Bristol Owners Club is the largest of the Bristol Clubs. It has a range of activities, from the purely social – specialist seminars, tests of driving skill, team events – to the annual Concours d’Élégance, dinners, pub lunches and local and overseas tours.

Subscription £50.00 per year.

Bristol Owners & Drivers Association (BODA)

The Bristol Owners and Drivers Association is dedicated to:

  • Helping you find the parts you need
  • Supporting the manufacture of rare items (search for the subsidiary Pegasus Parts Ltd )
  • Providing the help and advice you need to maintain, restore or repair your car

Much of the information needed to mend a poorly Bristol can be found on this site. We have a forum  and a panel of experts just a phone call away.

Annual Membership £30, and you have the option of very kindly adding a £5 donation for the BOHT.


The Bristol Owners Club of Australia founded in 1966 has 140 members. It seeks to support and encourage Bristol owners to use and enjoy their Motor Vehicles.
Organises local and national day runs, social events and rallies through the year.
The Club produces a newsletter and holds a collection of journals, magazines and books. There is a registry of Australian owned Bristols.

Overseas membership is Aus$110.

Forums Available for Information and Discussion

The old Yahoo is now hosted by Groups.IO. The BOC forum is moderated by the BOC. It is available to anyone who has registered and abides by the conditions of posting.

An independent Forum run from NZ is the Bristol Cars – Owners and Enthusiasts Forumwhichcan be viewed by anyone but you must register to post

The BODA forum on the Bristol Owners and Drivers Association website contains a public forum as well as a members only forum