Code of Conduct for Members of the

Bristol Owners and Drivers Association (the “Club”)


Purpose of this Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is additional to the Club’s Articles of Association (the “Articles”). It sets out the standards of personal behaviour and conduct required of all Members, of the Club. A copy of this Code is on the Club’s website and members are expected to abide by it.

 Qualification for Membership and Office

Directors and Committee Members, elected by the Members of the Club, represent Members’ collective interests. There should be sufficient evidence that members have been consulted on significant proposals before the Committee approves them.

Directors’ responsibilities

Being a Director brings with it a commitment to carry out all necessary duties and responsibilities performed by the Board.

The Committee

The Committee is appointed, by the Members, to execute the plans of the Club. Attendance is governed by the Club’s Articles.

Standards of behaviour

Members are expected to show high standards of good behaviour. This is necessary for the Board and Committee to function properly, and to ensure the Club’s good name and reputation.

Members will observe the following standards in their dealings with anyone – whether in person, by phone, e-mail or some other means of communication and must not bring the society into disrepute or prejudice its general good standing in any way, i.e.:

  • treat people politely, fairly and with dignity and respect;
  • compromise rather than be confrontational;
  • not play out disagreements in public;
  • always behave with integrity;
  • demonstrate their adherence to the Club’s Mission and Values;
  • not present misleading information or behave in a way designed to mislead the Board, Committee or Members or prevent access to information that other Members require.


Breach of this Code

All Members must comply with this Code. Where any Member alleges that another Member is in breach of this Code, the following will apply:

  • if the allegation is made during a meeting, the matter is to be referred to the meeting’s Chair, who may:
    • request the Member desist or leave the meeting temporarily or for the duration;
    • defer the matter to be considered on a subsequent occasion;
    • adjourn the meeting;
  • a Member alleged to be in breach of the Club’s Code has the right to respond to that allegation
  • if a breach of this Code has been determined:
    • the breach shall be recorded;
    • the Committee may expel the Member from the Club



Issue: July 2021