The Bristol Owners and Drivers Association is an independent organisation, dedicated to keeping Bristol Motor Cars on the road where they belong.

We have a team of hard working enthusiasts, a host of knowledgeable members and a panel of motor industry experts that are dedicated to:

  • Helping you find the parts you need
  • Supporting the manufacture of rare items (see Pegasus Parts Ltd)
  • Providing the help and advice you need to maintain, restore or repair your car

BODA are committed to recording and preserving this knowledge for future generations.  Much of the information needed to mend a poorly Bristol can be found on this site.  The list of articles grows with each passing month.  We also have a forum where queries can be raised together with a panel of experts that are just a phone call away. 

We would love to have you as a member so if you are not already, click the button!!

New topics of interest and the latest club news are brought to you via our much loved magazine, “Bodacious”.  We also organise various events throughout the year where you can come along and socialise with fellow members.

BODA are proud to support the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust.  The trust is committed to preserving the Bristol Cars history and artefacts, be it sales literature, media articles, prototype models or recorded interviews.

We cannot do any of this worthy work without your help and support.  Please join us today.  We are a friendly club that put our members and their cars at the centre of every decision we make.  The more members we have, the more we can do to ensure your Bristol stays on the road where it belongs.


Mission and Values


The involvement of Bristol enthusiasts and friends in a club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of their cars.


  • Clear, open, regular and relevant communication of all club matters and interests.
  • Provision of trips and events designed to appeal to all and providing value for money on a national and regional basis. Encourage the formation of regional groups.
  • Support of members in the maintenance and restoration of all models in conjunction with Pegasus Classic Parts Ltd by producing hard to find parts where possible and in providing spares information.
  • The dissemination of technical information for all models.
  • Support the Heritage Trust in its aims and activities where mutually beneficial, ensuring that the future and history of the brand is preserved.
  • Support the FBHVC in its aims and activities protecting the history and future of the brand where mutually beneficial.
  • Generate interest in our cars and the club through the use of media and exhibitions.
  • Development of open relationships with other clubs and organisations in the classic car community.
  • Adherence to a code of conduct subscribed to by all members.
  • Provision of a Registrar function.