Availability of Pegasus Parts

There is an updated list of readily available spare parts on the website on the page Pegasus Parts. Please complete and submit the enquiry form to check on availability and cost.

BODA Regalia now available

A message from our Regalia Officer Rob Horton

A big hello to everyone in BODA. I follow in exalted footsteps, my predecessor John Watt, a lifelong motor sports fanatic, had previously held the role of Regalia Officer for the British Motorsports Marshals Club. John gamely took on the role in our Club 3 years ago in his late eighties, but sadly passed away at the end of last year. I visited his wife Audrey recently and am now in possession of the Club’s stock of stickers, embroidered badges, key rings and binders. We send our condolences to Audrey and the family with thanks for his hard work on our behalf.
We can now accept orders for excellent quality, one-size Caps priced at £12, and highly desirable short sleeved Polo shirts in both Ladies and Gentlemen’s fittings, priced at £20. We also have some some stunning Soft Shell Gilets at £40, Sweatshirts at £17.50,T shirts at £12, all available in a variety of colours and sizes, as well as umbrellas at £20, (all plus postage). Stickers, badges key rings and binders from the old range of stock are also available.

Click on the button below which will take you to our website and the Regalia description and online order form.

If you have any suggestions for other items that would make your and BODA’s life complete, please let me know and I will do my best!

Please contact me via email if you have any questions or problems with the order form. 

Rob Horton
BODA Regalia Officer

Photos of BODA BRDC Lunch Meeting on 27 May

On the Events page there are many photos and a short video from the BRDC Lunch at Silverstone on 27 May.

Derek Hughes Obituary

I met Derek around 2000 at one of his club evenings and another member found my 411 for me. Derek bought his 400 around 1970 but was doing more important things such as bringing up his family with Heather and working very hard for the great North East company Head Wrightson as an electrical engineer.

His best job was in New Zealand building a steel works. The family was there a long time so he learned to sail, which he continued in Yorkshire and typically helped to run the club.

Derek retired early with ill health. This meant he dived in to Bristol matters. Derek never did anything by half. He ran a strong North East section organising meetings, lunches, outings etc. There is a very big car show at Newby Hall near Ripon. He ran a Bristol display for years, one year he persuaded nearly 20 Bristol car owners to show their cars.

Derek wrote many articles for Bristol owners and sourced many difficult to find parts some of which he had made at his own expense. He is best known for his overdrive conversion for early Bristol cars. He was the first to do it spending long periods working out the shape of the casting so the conversion could be fitted with hardly any alteration to the car. He had to organise patterns, castings and machining then doing any extra work himself. He did of course make all the electrical bits himself at home. He made over 110 conversions.

Derek helped so many owners but liked things doing his way.

He was a true friend and is sadly missed.

Bill Lawson. 16th March 2023

Regional and Local Events

The BODA Forum contains a Topic under Upcoming Events where members and Regional Coordinators can enter local events in their area. Click here to access this.

Currently we have Coordinators for East of England, Ireland South West and North West. Please let us know if you would like to be a Coordinator for one of the other regions.

Book about Bristol racing wins “Publication of the Year” Award by Octane

Congratulations are due to Michael Barton and Simon Charlesworth as Aero Dynamic has just won the Octane Magazine historic motoring awards Publication of the Year, a well deserved result for the publisher and author for a very compelling and special book.

Fighter Article in Evo Magazine

There is a 10 page article (including photographs) on the development of the Bristol Fighter in the latest issue of Evo magazine. The article has been written by Peter Tomalin with clear input from Toby Silverton and SLJHackett in respect of the continuation cars currently being built. Silverton gives his account and account of the demise of Bristol Cars in 2011.

Bristol 400 in The Automobile magazine

In the November 2022 issue of The Automobile

NO ORDINARY BRISTOL Ordered new by the chairman of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, then driven for a decade by arch-enthusiast Christopher Balfour, then uprated and campaigned in hill climbs and sprints by its next owner, this 1948 Bristol 400 is now in the hands of a young enthusiast. Toby Bruce tells its story……..

BODA Regional Co-ordinators

We want to develop better links across the membership.  In the UK we are setting up regions based on geographical areas. We now have coordinators for the South West, South East and Ireland Regions but we need volunteers for the rest of the country.

It is hoped that the co-ordinator would look to arrange gatherings of the members within their area and perhaps working with other co-ordinators to link members across areas for gatherings or events. 

Please click on the following link for more information.

BODA is looking for Regional Coordinators

Pegasus Parts News

The Pegasus team felt an update on recent and current projects might be of interest to members. Recently, the supplier we had secured for windscreen rubbers decided to retire and his equipment was sold to a supplier who relocated to Poland and so our source was lost.  I am glad to say Bill Lawson has secured a supplier who can manufacture to the correct Shure hardness which is important for the seal to secure both the window and trim and avoid cracks at the radius.  This seal fits all the cars from the 406 onwards, so well done Bill.  A more detailed communication is due imminently on this.

Trevor Wilks has identified suppliers for most of the front screen and a number of the rear screens and this information has been reported in BODAcious.  Over recent months, Pegasus has funded him to look at rear screens for some of the cars where a supplier was not identified.  It appears the same rear screen fits the 406 to 410.  Pilkington have agreed to develop a mould to produce a supply of screens, the cost of which will be built in to the cost of the screens.  At present 14 of the potential 100+ members with suitable cars have expressed an interest in obtaining a screen and it appears Pilkington will do a first run.  The product will have heater elements so those with older cars who would prefer a heated screen with all it benefits should contact Pegasus promptly to secure one.  Future batches are likely to require a minimum of 25 items.

Andy Gibbs has secured the supply of door pulls for the early 400 cars and has sold the first batch of castings.  In addition, we have been approached to consider whether it would be practical to re-make the Pegasus wing badges for the 406.  The costs of this development were prohibitive for numbers which people were seeking so it was not a project which the team could support.

The Pegasus team have also evaluated the development of brake discs as it was suggested that there was no commercial supplier for a number of models.  After careful consideration, due to the safety significant nature of the product,  it was felt the complex quality assurance demands of production, the potential risks to owners and others should the QA not be appropriate and the associated indemnity risks were such that the project was abandoned.  Pegasus has made a decision not to engage in the production or marketing of brake discs.  As it transpires, further investigation showed the initial concerns were unfounded and the team has identified commercial suppliers for brake discs for our cars. The Team can provide members with the details of those companies who are able to provide quality assured products.

Finally, if members require any of the above or have concerns over access to parts for their car, do flag these up to the team and they will review our information to identify possible sources and suppliers.  It is from this work that future Pegasus projects develop. All you have to do is fill out our Parts Enquiry form with your requirements. This form can be found under Pegasus Parts on the website but is available to members only.

Keep safe

Mike Hallissey