Indicator switcch

A quick check of the parts books for the 400 to 405 confirmed that Bristol used the Lucas 031046 indicator switch shown on the bottom of the last page this is a mechanical electrical switch as opposed to the Lucas 31250 on offer through a few suppliers who say its interchangeable with the original unit, this could well be the case BUT its a vacuum operated unit so not a straight forward alternative fit, this unit is also shown in beölow.


Table of V8 Bristol car part sources and commonality with other non-Bristol cars.

A member in Germany has compiled a list of equivalent parts for his 411S5 and other V8 cars. He has kindly allowed us to put it on the website.

Model usedUsed onDescriptionUsed onSupplier APart no. ASupplier BPart no. BNotes
411/S5BodyFastener for front grilleRange Rover ClassicBritpartRTC3746
411/S5BrakesHandbrake padsBentley, Mulsanne, Eight, etc 84-98TRWGDB563
411/S5BrakesBrake pads frontJaguar E-Type V12TRWGDB531
411/S5Controlsaccelerator link rod bellowsHella9GD 735 641-101
411/S5DoorDoor lock block (rubber)Jaguar XJ6 S2+3SNG BarrattBD39809
411/S5DoorDoor striker clip (Clip for BD39809)Jaguar XJ6 S2+3SNG BarrattBD39810
411/S5DoorDoor striker cover rhJaguar XJ6 S2+3Martin RobeyBD39797
411/S5ElectricsIndicator side repeaterJaguar XJ/XJS,
411/S5ElectricsVoltage regulatorStandard Motor ProductsVR125T
408-411ElectricsReverse lampJaguar E-type
411/S5ElectricsColumn stalkMini, Sprite, MG MidgedLucas119SA
411/S5ElectricsIndicator tell tale
411/S5ElectricsCooling fan motorsVW Golf, Audi, SeatVolkswagen191959455AA
411/S5ElectricsNumberplate lampLucasL550E
411/S5ElectricsWindscreeen washer bottleLand Rover SeriesTrico
411/S5ElectricsStarter inhibitor relayStandard Motor ProductsSR105
411/S5ElectricsWindow lift limiter switchHandbrake Switch for Jaguar,
411/S5EngineFront engine mountMopar Cars 1966-74 B/C/E-BodyAnchor IndustriesANI-2250Borg Warner312,250
411/S5HeaterSmiths heater control valveAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysCH4280
411/S5HeaterSmiths heater control valve o-ringAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysCH4290
411/S5HeaterHeater Motor ResistorJaguar E 61-74, Mk1, Mk2, 340SNG BarrattC17428
411/S5IgnitionWiring Harness for Mopar Ignition BoxJegs555-40801
411/S5IgnitionIgnition Control boxJegs555-40805
411/S5IgnitionDistributor, electronic as originalFirecoreFC-1001
411/S5IgnitionIgnition coil, with external resistorStandard Motor ProductsUC12
411/S5IgnitionBallast ResistorsStandard Motor ProductsRU12
411/S5InteriorInner Door handleMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer BrosCZK3792
411/S5InteriorInner Door handle surroundMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer BrosCZA2259
411/S5InteriorDoor rod connectorMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer Bros37H3539
411/S5Rear axlerear wheel bearingsTimken2788R-2735XNTN
411/S5SteeringTrack rod ends, Track rodsAmsteer Sales Ltd. Tamworth
411/S5Suspension, frontAnti Roll bar drop linkJensen CV8 Mk1/2/3Martin RobeyCT708
411/S5Suspension, frontShock absorbers frontSpaxG712
411/S5Suspension, frontUpper Bump stopJaguar XJSSNG BarrattC29979Holes have to be re-tapped 5/16
411/S5Suspension, frontUpper Ball JointJaguar XJSNG BarrattCAC9938X
411/S5Suspension, frontFront SpringsAny spring manufacturerSteel 51CrV4/SAE6150d=16mm, De=128mm, L0= 385mm, nt=10
411/S5Suspension, rearShock absorbers rearSpaxG713
411/S5Suspension, rearTorque arm rubber gaiterAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysSG4840
411/S5Suspension, rearTorque arm rubber gaiter retaining clipAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysSG4850
411/S5Suspension, rearSelf levelling cylinder rubber gaiterSpidan25984
411/S5TransmissionRear gear box mountingMopar CarsAnchor IndustriesANI-2525Energy SuspensionENS-5.1101G
411/S5TransmissionReverse light switch/Starting InhibitorMopar Cars 1968-90 A/B/C/E-BodyStandard Motor ProductsNS11
411/S5TransmissionReverse light switch/Starting Inhibitor connectorMopar Cars 1968-90 A/B/C/E-BodyStandard Motor ProductsHP4755
411/S5WheelsHub cap badges for Avon Safety wheelIan
411/S5WiperStainless steel Wiper BladesTexB05012

Exhaust manifold gaskets for 603

Geoff Kingston sent the following on manifold gaskets. The set from Real Steel cost me £18.44 inc vat and p&p, the part number is BYMS12268 and they are listed on the invoice to fit the 360/340/318 engines but note for the 318 it is post 75 engines for the earlier cars they have different gaskets listed.

Availability of Pegasus Parts

There is an updated list of readily available spare parts on the website on the page Pegasus Parts. Please complete and submit the enquiry form to check on availability and cost.

Book about Bristol racing wins “Publication of the Year” Award by Octane

Congratulations are due to Michael Barton and Simon Charlesworth as Aero Dynamic has just won the Octane Magazine historic motoring awards Publication of the Year, a well deserved result for the publisher and author for a very compelling and special book.

400 sidelights

The Bristol 400 side lamp was Lucas type 1145 and part number 52070A (chrome plated body). That was a continued use of a pre-war design of lamp (type 1145, sometimes with a black finish body), which itself was a variation on a similar but larger/longer lamp of the same style that was introduced in about 1935 (Type 1150, usually chrome plated body – used by Humber on their 12 and 18 HP models from 1935 to 37)

A similar lamp was used by Ford on their English built V8 models from about 1935 onwards. That was probably made by Butlers and is quite like Lucas 1145 at a glance but shares no parts with it (Lucas lenses are horizontally ribbed, Ford lenses have raised lumps on either side of a central groove)

Lucas 1145 was used as follows for production models (other occasional uses would probably have been seen from coachbuilders or on specials):

  • Bristol, to 1950
  • Commer, 30 cwt and 2-to-6-ton, normal control (Superpoise), 1939 to 1947 (with a likely pause in the use of that lamp during the war on the equivalent military requirement models)
  • Lea-Francis, 1948
  • Vauxhall Big Six, 1934 to 1936

(Note that the non-Lucas information has not yet been checked against documentation)

I have attached two small photos showing out of date images from eBay auction listings.

Hugh Boultbee

Jensen C-V8 Alternative Parts list

I just came across it and although it is for the Jensen CV8 some parts common to Bristol are mentioned and the other alternatives are interesting as they are listed in the groups that mention Bristol.

However do not assume that all parts in the list fit our Bristol cars!

Geoff Kingston

Bristol 400 in The Automobile magazine

In the November 2022 issue of The Automobile

NO ORDINARY BRISTOL Ordered new by the chairman of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, then driven for a decade by arch-enthusiast Christopher Balfour, then uprated and campaigned in hill climbs and sprints by its next owner, this 1948 Bristol 400 is now in the hands of a young enthusiast. Toby Bruce tells its story……..