BODA is proud to support the efforts of the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust (BOHT). This registered charity is independent of all other companies & clubs. A number of BODA members give freely of their time & effort to support the activities of the Heritage Trust. BODA itself collects voluntary contributions from  members of £5 per annum with subscriptions to support the Heritage Trust financially.

The  Trust’s principal objective remains “The advancement of education by making available for study and research material of all types, relating to the automotive engineering and automotive designs of Bristol Motor Cars for the benefit of the public including making available for study and research, reports, documents, drawings, artefacts and any other material relating to or associated with the marque including the history of the companies, products and personalities associated with the marque” and these are delivered as follows:

  • We maintain an archive of Bristol car related brochures, pamphlets, magazine articles,original factory photos and ephemera from the 1940s to now. These are stored securely in Bristol.
  • We have a purchasing program to buy copies of such material which become available at auction, from dealers, or online.
  • We run regular educational events, and market DVD recordings thereof. Talks at Gaydon (on the Fighter), Sparkford (on the Racing 450s, and Bristol engines in Frazer Nash cars) and Shuttleworth (on the early days  of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, new research on 400 production, and the trials of restoring Bristol aircraft) are still available for those who couldn’t attend.
  • We have filmed a dozen interviewees with historic involvement in the design, construction, testing, racing and maintenance of earlier models.
    Many of these interviews are now available on our YouTube Channel,
    BOHT YouTube Channel
Donations, loans, and bequests are very welcome.  UK taxpayers can increase the value of their contributions by Gift Aid, for which the new HMRC claim forms are available.
If you would like a personally conducted tour of the Trust’s  archives, find something we should try to acquire, or would like to help us with cataloguing and archiving,  please contact Stefan Cembrowicz (see below).
Trustees and contacts of the Heritage Trust are: