Table of V8 Bristol car part sources and commonality with other non-Bristol cars.

A member in Germany has compiled a list of equivalent parts for his 411S5 and other V8 cars. He has kindly allowed us to put it on the website.

Bristol V8 Interchange Parts list5/27/2024
Model used Used on DescriptionUsed onSupplier APart no. A Supplier BPart no. B Notes
411/S5BodyFastener for front grilleRange Rover ClassicBritpartRTC3746
411/S5BrakesHandbrake padsBentley, Mulsanne, Eight, etc 84-98TRWGDB563
411/S5BrakesBrake pads frontJaguar E-Type V12TRWGDB531
411/S5Controlsaccelerator link rod bellowsHella9GD 735 641-101
411/S5DoorDoor trim panels clipVolkswagen893867290ebay
411/S5DoorDoor trim panels grommetFiat1903238ebay
411/S5DoorDoor lock block (rubber)Jaguar XJ6 S2+3SNG BarrattBD39809
411/S5DoorDoor striker clip (Clip for BD39809)Jaguar XJ6 S2+3SNG BarrattBD39810
411/S5DoorDoor striker cover rhJaguar XJ6 S2+3BCC3754Chrome, original is Zink plated
411/S5DoorDoor striker cover lhJaguar XJ6 S2+3BCC3755Chrome, original is Zink plated
411/S5DoorClip door linkageJaguar XJ6 S2+3 / Range Rover ClassicBD44650BFP1265L
411/S5DoorDoor handle Gasket -bigJaguar XJ6 S2+3Moss MotorsBD31997ebay
411/S5DoorDoor handle Gasket -smallJaguar XJ6 S2+3Moss MotorsBD31998ebay
411/S5DoorDoor handle rhJaguar XJ6 S1ebayBD40708Wilmot Breeden 1242330Will need small modification on mechanism
411/S5DoorDoor handle lhJaguar XJ6 S1ebayBD40709Wilmot Breeden Will need small modification on mechanism
411/S5DoorRubber seal on rear of door opening 18mm Neoprene Sponge piping ebay
411/S5ElectricsIndicator side repeaterJaguar XJ/XJS,
411/S5ElectricsVoltage regulatorStandard Motor ProductsVR125T
408-411ElectricsReverse lampJaguar E-type S1Lucas
411/S5ElectricsColumn stalkMini, Sprite, MG Midged Lucas 119SA
411/S5ElectricsCourtesy light Switch MG BLucas BHA4593Brown & Gammons
411/S5ElectricsIndicator tell tale
411/S5ElectricsCooling fan motorsVW Golf, Audi, SeatVolkswagen191959455AA
411/S5ElectricsNumberplate lampLucasL550E
411/S5ElectricsWindscreeen washer bottleLand Rover SeriesTrico
411/S5ElectricsStarter inhibitor relayStandard Motor ProductsSR102
411/S5ElectricsWindow lift limiter switchHandbrake Switch for Jaguar,
411/S5ElectricsStarter motorstarter with reversed connectionsPowermaster9533Summit RacingPWM-9533Powermaster XS Torque Starters 9533
411/S5EngineFront engine mount Mopar Cars 1966-74 B/C/E-BodyAnchor IndustriesANI-2250Borg Warner312,250
411/S5ExhaustExhaust mounting rubberJaguar E-Type S1-S2, XK140-150SNG BarrattC8397
411/S5PetrolPetrol float 5301/17to be verified
411/S5PetrolPetrol float gasketAhead4HealeysFL4170
411/S5PetrolPetrol float, Copper washerAhead4HealeysFL41606 pcs needed
411/S5PetrolPetrol float, screwAhead4HealeysFL41506 pcs needed
411/S5HeaterSmiths heater control valveAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysCH4280
411/S5HeaterSmiths heater control valve o-ringAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysCH4290
411/S5HeaterHeater Motor ResistorJaguar E 61-74, Mk1, Mk2, 340SNG BarrattC17428
411/S5IgnitionWiring Harness for Mopar Ignition BoxJegs555-40801
411/S5IgnitionIgnition Control boxJegs555-40805
411/S5IgnitionDistributor, electronic as originalFirecoreFC-1001
411/S5IgnitionIgnition coil, with external resistorStandard Motor ProductsUC12
411/S5IgnitionBallast ResistorsStandard Motor Products RU12
411/S5InteriorInner Door handleMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer BrosCZK3792
411/S5InteriorInner Door handle surroundMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer BrosCZA2259
411/S5InteriorDoor rod connectorMG B 4 Syncro modelsRimmer Bros37H3539
411/S5Rear axlerear wheel bearingsTimken4T-2788/2735XNTN
411/S5SteeringTrack rod ends, Track rodsAmsteer Sales Ltd. Tamworth
411/S5SteeringPower steering pumpCardone 96-6184www.summitracing.comRemanufactured Federal steering pump
411/S5Suspension, frontAnti Roll bar drop linkJensen CV8 Mk1/2/3Martin RobeyCT708
411/S5Suspension, frontShock absorbers frontSpaxG712
411/S5Suspension, frontUpper Bump stopJaguar XJSSNG BarrattC29979Holes have to be re-tapped 5/16
411/S5Suspension, frontUpper Ball JointJaguar XJSNG BarrattCAC9938X
411/S5Suspension, frontFront Springs Any spring manufacturerSteel 51CrV4/SAE6150d=16mm, De=128mm, L0= 385mm, nt=10
411/S5Suspension, rearShock absorbers rearSpaxG713
411/S5Suspension, rearTorque arm rubber gaiterAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysSG4840
411/S5Suspension, rearTorque arm rubber gaiter retaining clipAustin-Healey 3000Ahead4HealeysSG4850
411/S5Suspension, rearSelf levelling cylinder rubber gaiter Spidan25984
411/S5TransmissionRear gear box mounting Mopar Cars Anchor IndustriesANI-2525Energy SuspensionENS-5.1101G
411/S5TransmissionReverse light switch/Starting InhibitorMopar Cars 1968-90 A/B/C/E-BodyStandard Motor ProductsNS11
411/S5TransmissionReverse light switch/Starting Inhibitor connector Mopar Cars 1968-90 A/B/C/E-BodyStandard Motor ProductsHP4755
411/S5TransmissionAuto Floorshift 727 lower shift rodDodge 1966-1970, Plymouth B-Body www.classicindustries.comMP71015
411/S5TransmissionGearshift control bracketDodge 1966-1970, Plymouth B-Body www.classicindustries.comMD2540
411/S5TransmissionKickdown leverDodge 1966-1970, Plymouth B-Body www.classicindustries.comHWC9370
411/S5TransmissionGearshift control leverDodge 1966-1970, Plymouth B-Body www.classicindustries.comML18359
411/S5TransmissionShift linkage rodDodge 1966-1970, Plymouth B-Body www.classicindustries.comMP71015
411/S5WheelsHub cap badges for Avon Safety wheelIan
411/S5WiperStainless steel Wiper BladesTexB05012
411/S5WiperWiper wheel box chrome outer bezel+
411/S5WiperWiper wheel box nut -
411/S5WiperWasher only one nozzle, the second nozzle is closed by a brass grub screw

Exhaust manifold gaskets for 603

Geoff Kingston sent the following on manifold gaskets. The set from Real Steel cost me £18.44 inc vat and p&p, the part number is BYMS12268 and they are listed on the invoice to fit the 360/340/318 engines but note for the 318 it is post 75 engines for the earlier cars they have different gaskets listed.

Jensen C-V8 Alternative Parts list

I just came across it and although it is for the Jensen CV8 some parts common to Bristol are mentioned and the other alternatives are interesting as they are listed in the groups that mention Bristol.

However do not assume that all parts in the list fit our Bristol cars!

Geoff Kingston

Jensen Service Bulletins by Richard Calver

Geoff Kingston provide the following information

This morning the postman delivered another new book produced and edited by Richard Calver. It is an edited reproduction of the original factory service bulletins mainly for the home market and non-USA market V8 cars covering the period 1963 to 1976 , so CV8, Interceptor and FF with the 383 cu in engine and larger and the 727 automatic gearbox. So on the mechanical side especially relevant to anyone with a 411 but also to some of the other cars before and after with the 727 gearbox and to a certain extent the other engine sizes where similar components were used. There are obviously bulletins covering issues relating to coachwork problems, mechanical issues specific to the FF but an awful lot of information relevant to some of our cars, I can see hours being spent over the coming days picking and choosing topics within the books lavish covers.

An example, bulletin 6/71/6 Subject Failure of Gearbox Kickdown Band or Clutch, only a few short paragraphs but clear and easy to understand and giving the mechanic all the pointers needed to confirm and rectify the problem, on the following page 6/71/8 covers oil pump failure, 6/71/7 Standard Torque Tightening of Bolts. So not a book if you wanted to know the history of Jensen cars but essential if you want to know how they were maintained and repaired in period including recommendations of alternative and upgraded parts.

As these cars shared a lot in common with the Bristol V8’s of this period, for anyone doing their own work or who works very closely with their mechanic this book could be a very useful addition to the motoring library. Available directly from the Author,  just search the title of this topic, or from some alterative suppliers he recommends at a typical price of around £100/£120, not cheap perhaps but worth every penny in my mind for the information contained therein.


Bristol Handbooks & Manuals

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