BOHT Lecture Day at the Atwell Wilson Motor Museum. 19 April 2024

A very enjoyable and instructive day was had by all participants. If you were not able to be there, you can see videos of the talks  on the YouTube BOHT Channel. The order of the day is given below

  1. Introduction – What is the Heritage Trust up to?
  2. INRacing – Oliver Nuthall presents Bristol Engine Developments
  3. John Manley presents his new book “The Bristol 403”
  4. Chris Balfour talks about his book “Bristol 6 Cylinder Cars”
  5. Stefan Cembrowicz on Life in the Filton Works in the 1950s
  6. Auction of Bristol Ephemera

Richard Sanderson

Some tips on logging into the BODA website and getting a new password

To change password if you are not logged in

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  • Get New Password using user name or email
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To change password to your own choice once you are logged in

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 To login to BODA website from your iPhone

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  • So to login, hold the phone horizontally to enlarge the login area. You should then be able to enter user name and password. If not, just stretch and enlarge the area a bit more and it should work.


BODA is pleased to announce the resumption of the provision of insurance valuations. These take the form of a written report on BODA letterhead for a fee of £50 per valuation. They are based upon submission of suitable supporting documentation and photographs. Members should note the following:

– Valuations will be for insurance purposes only and are not market valuations. They cannot be used for probate purposes, for example, nor in connection with dispute resolution.

– No physical inspections of vehicles will be undertaken. Valuations are based upon the owner’s representations and are caveated accordingly.

– Most insurance underwriters will respect a valuation provided by BODA, but it is worth double-checking this with your insurance broker or insurance company.

Footman James, one of the leaders in the classic car insurance field, has already confirmed that it will recognise the Club’s valuations for their purposes. The viability of the service depends upon the demand for valuations proving to compensate for the associated costs (most notably, an increase in our insurance premium in respect of professional liability).

In the first instance please contact Michael Barton via  We will then issue the relevant valuation questionnaire for you to complete and return with photographs

BODA Regalia now available

A message from our Regalia Officer Rob Horton

A big hello to everyone in BODA. I follow in exalted footsteps, my predecessor John Watt, a lifelong motor sports fanatic, had previously held the role of Regalia Officer for the British Motorsports Marshals Club. John gamely took on the role in our Club 3 years ago in his late eighties, but sadly passed away at the end of last year. I visited his wife Audrey recently and am now in possession of the Club’s stock of stickers, embroidered badges, key rings and binders. We send our condolences to Audrey and the family with thanks for his hard work on our behalf.
We can now accept orders for excellent quality, one-size Caps priced at £12, and highly desirable short sleeved Polo shirts in both Ladies and Gentlemen’s fittings, priced at £20. We also have some some stunning Soft Shell Gilets at £40, Sweatshirts at £17.50,T shirts at £12, all available in a variety of colours and sizes, as well as umbrellas at £20, (all plus postage). Stickers, badges key rings and binders from the old range of stock are also available.

Click on the button below which will take you to our website and the Regalia description and online order form.

If you have any suggestions for other items that would make your and BODA’s life complete, please let me know and I will do my best!

Please contact me via email if you have any questions or problems with the order form. 

Rob Horton
BODA Regalia Officer

“Munich Masterpiece”

For the historically interested amongst us, there is an interesting article in June 2021 issue of The Automobile magazine. Delwyn Mallett relates the story behind the development of the BMW 328 including its remarkable engine which of course eventually went on the power the Bristol 2-litre cars. The author eventually fulfils his dream of getting to drive a 1939 example.

Well worth reading!

Good news for Bristol owners

Recently two new companies supplying spare parts and services for Bristol cars have been established. Both companies are very active on Instagram so check them out.

  • The ‘Classic Bristol Car Parts Company Ltd‘ is offering replacement parts for Bristol cars and have obtained the former parts stock of Bristol Cars Services.
    The company has been established by the BOC and is managed by Graeme Payne ex. BCL Parts Manager who is teamed with Bristol cars specialist repairer John Tullett. Both John and Graeme are also BODA members.
    The company and parts are currently based in Warminster but are looking for new premises somewhere near Windlesham where Bristol Cars was previously located.
    Enquiries should be addressed to Graeme at or by telephone between 10 am and 5pm on 020 4542 7782. Email enquiries are preferred. Their website is


  • Coleman Classic Cars Ltd has been established by Mark Coleman who worked together with Brian Marelli for many years at Bristol Cars Services until it’s sad liquidation in 2020.
    The company offers maintenance, servicing, repairs, upgrades and advice for your Bristol.
    They are located near Maidenhead and can be contacted by telephone on 020 39873812 or email
    Their website is

Information Release regarding a new service to Bristol owners and aficianados

The last few weeks has seen a flurry of news releases from Jason Wharton. He has announced plans for the production of a continuation series of cars based on the designs of the Fighter and 411.

Nice video from Jay Leno about his 403

A great sell for the 403!

Liquidation of Bristol Cars and the Results of the Online Auction.

There is an update on the results of the online auction on the website of the Bristol Owners Heritage Trust, see

Liquidation of Bristol Cars and the Results of the Online Auction.

“BACK ON THE ROAD – Michael Ware visits a recently restored 1953 Bristol 403”

There is a nice report in the September issue of The Automobile on the restoration of Andy Gibbs’ 403. It is well worth reading!