The last few weeks has seen a flurry of news releases from Jason Wharton. He has announced plans for the production of a continuation series of cars based on the designs of the Fighter and 411. These developments were covered in a story written by Steve Cropley (a long-term Bristol cars enthusiast) which appeared in The Autocar on 13th January and which you can read by clicking on the link. 

The same article also promises a new 4 seater GT based on a modern donor platform and to be called the Bristol Buccaneer.

In addition, we have just received an Information Release from Jason regarding  the planned Bristol Manufacturing Limited – Atelier Bristol Cars service offering to Bristol owners which we are sure will be of interest to members. Jason’s companies and contact details are given at the end of the release and he tells us he would appreciate any feedback.

This information is also contained in the January 2021 BODA Newsletter