Some tips on logging into the BODA website and getting a new password

To change password if you are not logged in

  • Click Log in
  • “Lost password”
  • Get New Password using user name or email
  • Check your email for the confirmation link, click on link then visit the login page.
  • Copy New Password then “Reset Password” (red button)
  • Then click on “< Back to Bristol Owners and Drivers Association” The “Log in to your account button” is only text and not a button!
  • Then go back and log in using the new password


To change password to your own choice once you are logged in

  • Log in
  • Edit profile (under Welcome button)
  • Scroll down to Generate Password
  • Replace suggested password by your own (it must be medium or strong!)
  • Scroll down to bottom, click Update Profile


 To login to BODA website from your iPhone

  • If you hold the phone vertically you will probably not be able to login as the login area is too small to take the script
  • So to login, hold the phone horizontally to enlarge the login area. You should then be able to enter user name and password. If not, just stretch and enlarge the area a bit more and it should work.