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Bristol 408 front suspension lower ball joints.

 Bristol Motors advise me there are two types: 1)  Secured to lower wishbone by 2 bolts and 2) screwed into the upright - this type can be shimmed for adjustment.  Mine is the former and has a little play on the near side, Bristol Motors do not stock them. Can anyone suggest an alternative source?


Might be worth trying these two,  or


Hi Peter sorry can not help with this one, I have always found with most  Bristol parts is find out what other cars the part fitted ? and its then usury half  the price  and a lot easier to get can you post a pic of it ? I have a few contacts will enquire Keith

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Peter Hoskin

Hello Peter. 

I cannot help with the bolt on version.

However, for anyone reading this thread that has the later screw and shim lower ball joint I can confirm this is a Bently item. 

Maybe investigate if bolt on items are Bentley/ RR?

5 years ago these were available from Flying Spares for £115 a corner.

be aware you need a huge, very thin wall socket to remove and fit these securely.  Turning a socket on a lath or finding the right box wrench works.




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Deleted userPeter Hoskin

Many thanks for all inputs.  I have tried all suggested sources but only Flying Spares have responded. They enclosed drawings which show the RR/Bentley moved from the king pin arrangement to the ball type screwed into the upright which may be the one later Bristols used. Regretfully I am still looking.

Peter Hoskin