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Door mirrors 403

I have a couple of door mirrors fixed into the window channel with grub screws, that only catch close to the edge of the channel, but these do not seem particular secure to me and I am constantly retightening to ensure they stay in place.  My options are either to find a mirror that will clamp over the window frame itself, or I could drill through the door and fix one, but I am loathe to do that.  Does anyone know of a mirror which will clamp over the outside of the door frame, or advise if they have a better solution?  Thanks

Did you have any luck with your door mirrors? I have a couple of clip ons which keep falling off! 

Hi Simon

The advice I had was to drill two little indents for the screws to screw into, and use loctite.  Drilling was next to impossible as the chrome is far too tough for my drills, albeit I did make little indents, and I used loctite.  The passenger mirror has been no trouble, but the drivers mirror came loose again on our trip to Scotland.  I tightened it up again (no loctite with me) and it has stayed put since - but I am sure I am on borrowed time!  I was unable to find any with a deeper bracket.  Part of the problem may be is the effect of opening and closing the window loosening the fixing which is pretty close to the edge.

Some cars have mirrors fitted to the doors and if I keep having trouble I probably will go that route - screenshot of the appropriate bits of my car next to Andrew Saits so you can see the difference

Best Wishes, and please let me know how you get on


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