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Exhaust and gearbox recommendations for 401

I need a new exhaust for my 401. Any recommendations?

Ditto for the gearbox which is in need of attention.

I'm in Northamptonshire, but prepared to travel.


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Got my 401's exhaust system direct from Bristol Cars including the brackets that go round the silencer and the spacer brackets for the front pipes, needed a bit of adjustment for the tail pipe other than that an easy fit and sounds good.

P D Gough I think can also supply a system for a 401 tel no 01159 382241, I had a full system off them for my S2 Bentley and again it was very good.

Gearbox I would try Oliver Penny, have not used him yet but came recommended from another club member and was very helpful when I spoke to him. Tel no 07867 635993.