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Hens teeth for sale on eBay

Well not quite but possibly rarer ,  a 402 Hardtop. The item number is 163485161765.



This must be extremely rare because I can't find it!



Thought I might have written the number down wrong but it worked this morning breaking it to sets of 3 it is 163 485 161 765 but it is easier to type Bristol 402 Hard Top and the search should bring you straight to it about 5 days to go and was still at £950 when I looked this morning.


????????????????????????  Thought the whole idea of the 402 was not to have a top ???????????????

(nice though )

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I have seen photographs of one car which does still have a hard top with it and seem to remember reading that originally two were made so quite a surprise it has turned up after all these years.

Liked the exhaust on your special by the way.


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