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Sun visor ? 401 looking for a measurement of the sun blinds on the 401 width ? Thanks 


Bit confused by the request.  Is the photo of your blind?  That would suggest you have one to measure.  If not, I guess the car has the brackets that you can measure.

Let us know what you are after and I will head out with a ruler.

Sorry David for confusion the pic is one I picked up from a jumble hoping it is the one for the 401 not having the car to hand as is in the trimmers and on lock down didn't want to restore them-if not correct just need the total width of an original one to check if I have the correct one as none with car when I rescued it “ sorted”  ???? I hope 

Got remains of some old ones in the spares box, they measure about 17 3/4" overall depending on the shape of the end fittings of the rollers, and outer edge of the mountings 17 3/4"


Thanks Geoff     To the rescue again !!!    amassing how little things hold up progress!!!!  

Thanks Geoff sorted      have identified them to be correct thanks again Keith