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123 Ignition

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I recently saw a 403 fitted with a 123+ ignition in the original distributor.  This seems a wonderful thing as it not only provides electronic ignition but removes the need for springs & weights and allows a custom advance curve to be set using a Bluetooth 'phone or computer.

123  offer a generic Lucas distributor for less than the cost of the modification.  It can be wired for positive or negative earth and will work with either clockwise or anti clockwise drive.   Seems like a good plan to use this and keep the original distributor in case  the electronic brain gives up.

Another potential advantage is that it offers vacuum advance

Does anyone have any constructive thoughts?  

Any chance of posting  a LINK  to the123+ditribitor ? so to se the speck etc. and all about it ???

I bought mine from Southern Carburettors.  Only just arrived.  I haven't fitted it yet but it seems to measure up.  I will report back...

I have had one fitted to my 405 for about 10 years and am very happy with it. On my version you have to remove the distributor to change the advance curve. On the later verions you can adjust the curves in situ.

There are also kits to fit inside the original distribtor casing.


Did you connect up the vacuum advance or was this not an option on your unit?


Sorry about the delay in replying but, yes I did


How did you set it up?  Rolling road?  Any suggestion for initial setting would be appreciated.

Did you notice much difference for adding vacuum advance - improved MPG?

Nothing so sophisticated as a rolling road! As I said mine was installed 8 years ago and was set up by trial & error with the usual tools of the trade. We chose in the end Curve 6 as being the best for my engine installation on the 405. Unfortunately on the older designs of distributor you have to remove it from the car to change the curve which is a pain. On the newer designs this can be done in situ so you can easily try different curves.

As to vacuum advance we fitted this from the start so can't say anything about the effect. My average MPG over the year is about 25 (around 3000 miles per year) so I am very happy with that.

I have always been happy with the 123 and know several others who have fitted it with success. We once had to replace the cap but spares are easy to obtain.

Hope this all helps


Very useful, thank you.  I will be interested to see how it performs on the 403, particularly the addition of vacuum advance.  

I hope to get the car tuned on a rolling road if I can find someone suitable.  I will report back.

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