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123 Ignition

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Please do report back on your experience and the settings you use.

Good luck!

By coincidence I have a 401 which I have only owned for a few months and it came fitted with a 123 distributor but also the original Lucas in a box of parts.  She has been at Dave Baskervilles in Barnstaple for the last week or so as I have known him for years and he is the only outfit with a rolling road in these parts.  Anyway it seems my 401 had a couple of sticky tappets, carbs needing a tweek but he tells me the 123 had an intermittent fault.  She was certainly misbehaving by way of occasional snatching etc.  I am due to pick the car up tomorrow so will know more then.  My 401 has a 403 head but not sure re the cam (401 or 403) but I know that Dave will play around with the advance etc to get the best out of her (I hope).  I will let you know the results in a day or so.  We are in North Devon by the way.




I can now update you on the 401 tune up.  Dave Baskerville balanced the carbs adjusted the tappets (some were at zero clearance) and detected an intermittent fault on the 123 distributor so replaced it with the original Lucas untit with a new coil and capacitor.  He then adjusted the static and dynamic timing to get the best result on the rolling road.  I have to say as I drove away today the car felt transformed.  Smooth idle and power delivery, and more of it as well.  I was always suspicious of the electronic 123 so am very happy to be back in mechanical land.  I will now try and scan the dyno report but if this does not work she gave 86bhp at 4300rpm at the flywheel.  The torque was 107 ft lbs at 3975, so quite a cammy engine.  It certainly comes to life above 2500 on the open road.  My next job is to sort the clutch judder so I will be attempting to remove the gearbox myself.  Mmmm.

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