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405 for sale in Germany

Due to poor health, a friend of mine in Frankfurt, Germany is selling his collection of Bristols and related items. His English is very limited so he has asked me to put the following ad on the various forums

1) Bristol 405 with front disc brakes. Chassis no. 4169 from Brian May / David Cooper. Without engine and gearbox, for parts or restoration see German Ebay Classified Ad No.: 2500173233


2) 401-403 Speedometer, tachometer & drive, see German Ebay Classified Ad No: 2473422278


3) Bristol 405 restored OJW 405, Chassis no.: 405/4023. Delivered to Bradburn & Wedge. Photos


4) Bristol 405 restored. 1 of 3 left-hand drive. Chassis no. 405/4098 LHD. Delivered to J.J. Goncalves, Sucrs. Portugal. Photos


5) Bristol engine restored with attachments complete 100D/659, AC Ace BE 322 ??


For more information please contact the seller on email, Wolfgang Hisgen