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406 diff question


I need a diff pinion flange for my 406, which I imagine is a hard to find part, but I believe the car has a salisbury axle, which is not so uncommon... I thought maybe the flange would be a common spline count/size shared with other vehicles. Does anyone have any tips or advice here to help me find a suitable flange?




From Bill Lawson.  The 406 was fitted with a Salisbury "3HA" axle. There was a range of Salisbury axles made to suit the power and torque of the engines of different vehicles. Later V8 Bristol cars were fitted with "4HA" axles. Most Jaguar cars also used the 4HA axle. Morgan cars used the 3HA axle for their Ford engine cars and I am sure lots of other makers used this axle. I think the drive flange part of the axle will be common on all 3HA axles. There will have been thousands of these axles made.

I think your best hope of finding this part is from a professional axle rebuilding company such as Stephen A Brear in Leeds [see website] or Central Axles in Birmingham 0121 772 0121. I do not know any other reputable companies, I am sure there are others. Note, this drive flange was the inner rubbing surface for the oil seal. This seal is an old fashioned leather composition type that rubs a groove in the metal and leaks. There are modern lip seals that must be substituted with double lips which will solve the problem. A look on google will find a supplier.

That is a super helpful answer Bill, thanks. I will get exploring. I have a few leads now so I shall get going.