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408 (and others?) Wiper motor, washers and switch questions.

The previous owner never took the car out in the rain. When I got it the wiper switch was frozen in the 'Off' position and the vacuum-powered original washer system disconnected.

I have freed up the wiper switch but have not actually tried the switch with power on to see if the wipers work because I am currently focused on the washer system. The original vacuum-powered system is ingenious and elegant but I am opting to leave the vacuum disconnected and have installed an electric pump using the original reservoir. This is partly because the switch doesn't push itself out again after being pushed to operate the washers and partly because I just don't want to risk vacuum leaks..

So, a few questions. I have looked in the spares books online and it seems the wiper motor is probably a Lucas DR3. Is that right? I gather that it needs to be paired with an appropriate Lucas switch for the park feature to work. It appears to be something to do with how the switch is wired internally. I'd like to install a switch to replace the original wiper/washer switch with the same look and functions - i.e. rotary, two wiper speeds and push for washer except the washer push needs to be electrical. Has anybody else done this and can advise me on a suitable switch. Looking around the internet it seems that Land Rover Series IIA and III may be a suitable source like this one:



I managed to get a camera behind the wiper motor today.  It's apparently a Lucas 6W.  Here's a photo.

Also, it looks like the vacuum switch part of the wiper switch is screwed on and was, in later years, replaced with a screwed on electric push switch.  I have found one of the electric switches on eBay and will see if I can fit it in place of the vacuum one.


I thought I'd beaten this but I am now stalled again.  I installed an electric washer pump and  I managed to remove the vacuum valve from the back of my wiper switch.  I also managed buy the exact NOS electrical push switch that Lucas fitted on the later cars instead of the vacuum valve.
BUT, the threads in the female mounting point on the back of the wiper switch and the male threads on the small pushbutton electrical washer switch do not match.  Looking at photos on the web, I can now see there's a small adapter fitted to join these two and the chances of me finding that adapter must be about nil.
So meanwhile, the washers are being operated from a small push button I mounted below the dash while I decide what to do next.