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408 front subframe / crossmember removal

I need to get my front subframe out for repair. Anybody done this on a V8 car? I am really looking for advice on any issues or tips on doing this. A lot towards the end of the list will have to be done from under the car.

I am thinking it goes something like this:

  • remove bumper and apron
  • remove undertray and decking bearing the builders plate at the front of the engine compartment
  • remove electric fans
  • drain coolant and remove radiator
  • disconnect and plug brake lines
  • remove shocks
  • remove springs (extremely carefully!!!)
  • probably will remove wishbones while I am there
  • disconnect steering (any advice on how to do this wanted especially, please)
  • Remove tubular frame supporting front bodywork
  • remove bolts attaching subframe to each side of wheelwell bodywork
  • remove bolts attaching subframe to the front ends of the frame rails and lower.

Have I missed anything? Any obvious pitfalls? I know proper shops often cut and reweld that front tubular framework but I really hope to avoid that.

Any advice will be appreciated.