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6 months on

Finely have the Bristol Special up and running and in the paint shop after many  problems with the clutch master cly altering the exhaust pipe to clear the master cylinder  /having to make new brake peddles  fit a servo unit etc. /cut out the floor in the boot to access spare wheel tray to mount a tow bar and allow space to store spare wheel from inside the boot as the tow bar stopped the tray opening under the car , which makes it much essayer   than dropping the original  tray down under the car (especially on a dark night in the rain ) the only draw back the boot has to be emptied first but I think that's better than getting under the car ?? I have fitted internal LED  boot lights  and red warning lights in the door to be on if door left open (safety first )  change the colour having been under extreme pressure from family members from yellow to British Racing Metallic Green what else ohh redesigned the dash new dials switches etc.  keeping the original steering wheel  as its unique to the Bristol as soon as back from paint shop straight into the trimmers Keith Bristol Special  

Good to hear about the progress, look forward to seeing some more photo's off the changes, the car sounds nice, I like the twin exhaust outlets.