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!953 403 For Sale

My friend Mike has asked me to help him sell one of his 403's and to deal with all initial enquiries regarding the car. It is a 1953 example in standard specification, 100A engine, long gear lever, alfin drums all round and no after market overdrive. It is mid/dark red with a lovely cream leather interior with red carpets. It is very sound runs well with a good strong engine, presents well but does have some cosmetic issues, mainly to areas of the paintwork and chrome on the bumpers, this is reflected in the price.

Last year a new clutch was fitted and since Christmas the car has received attention to the rear brakes, a new set of tyres have been fitted the carbs re set  and in the last month professional repairs to a very good standard have been undertaken to the chassis extensions to the rear of the car under the boot floor and to the rear outriggers on both sides of the car, this work well documented in photographs I have been sent today. I have a large number of other photographs taken of the car, exterior and interior taken just before Christmas.

The car has just passed its MOT and is ready to go, can be used,  conserved and enjoyed as is or used and improved cosmetically if that is your preference.

It has attended many events in Mikes ownership but with another 403 and a few projects in the wings it got very little use last year and he has decided it is time to let it go.  A good sound usable car, not perfect but at £42500 this is almost certainly one of the cheapest if  not the cheapest sound ready to go 403's for sale on the market anywhere today.


Car is now on carandclasic.