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A Horn with a mind of its own

My 403's horn has decided it knows best when it comes to giving a blast - which can be awkward!  I think the issue is the wire feeding the horn through the steering column may have lost some insulation somewhere on its run and hence is able to complete the circuit when it likes.  I can see the cable from the top end disappearing down the hollow centre of the column, but cannot find its lower end - my plan is simply to replace the cable inside the column.  If anyone can enlighten me as to how to do this I would be very grateful.

I think it is now fixed after many tips and suggestions from the another forum, and I now know how it all works.  I think the steering wheel had been set too low on the shaft, and the metal cowl has slipped slightly and was able to make contact with the slip ring assembly which is live.  Hence power flowed through the cowl and fed the horn.  I cannot guarantee this was the issue as I had removed the steering wheel and stripped off the whole assemble to check it all out, but as I could find no other issues .... I will find out on the trip to Essex on Sunday!  Chris