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air intake grill slats 401

Hi can any one confirm as to witch of the two sets of fins is correct for the 401 and how they are assembled ? are all the bits there to assemble ?   or can supply  close up piks of how they are assembled  ?better still is there a car in the Ely (cb62ar) Cambridge area that I could view to se how they are fitted  the parts kame with the car in bits also need to know how to assemble the door lock's as they to are in bits   Keith   (Bristol 401 special )



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The correct ones for the car are the eight short blades, on mine there are alloy spacing washers about 3/16" thick that go between them and under the head of the nut, you assemble them so that the leading edge is pointing slightly downwards. The mounting brackets are put on so that in all cases  the two holes are behind the grill. originally these were riveted to an upper and lower mounting bar which it turn was riveted to the bumper. If these are missing you will need spacers under the mounting brackets . There is approximately about a 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" gap between the ends of the blades in the centre of the bumper and just under 1/2" gap each end to the sides of the opening in the bumper. It looks as though all the bits are there, the longer blades are from a later car possibly a 411.

The lock is a bit of a fiddle to set up but the procedure is explained in the workshop manual as is the means to dismantle and rebuild it, If you have not got a copy or access to one there is a US based seller on ebay who does a copy of the manual plus some additional information on CD disk, I have bought two one for myself, one for my mechanic pal, they are very good, the quality of the scan excellent.

The guy who sells them is Steve and you should be able to get in touch with him at


Thanks for the info Geoff  will set to and fit them up now cannot think where the other bits cum from but that's all helps to confuse things ? its being quite  a challenge sorting out all the bits for this rebuild dread to think of what I will find when I cum to the re trim it and fit the seats ? Keith