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boot lining triming

Has anyone  got any piks of how the boot (trunk) is lined trimmed ? spent the  day working on my 401 special today  lined it with ply ready to be trimmed did the carpet have any rubber mating  sown in to it? or just carpet ?was it loose or stuck down to the wood ? or just up to personal choice !!



I have not got any photographs handy but in all the cars I have had the trim arrangements have been similar, the back of the rear seat has been visible from the boot and trimmed in the same material as the back of the front seats, the carpet is in one piece and normally the same colour as the interior carpet with the same type or edge binding and held in place with the same type of press studs.

In two of the 401's I have had the sides of the boot area were open to the under wing area, but the most recent one purchased had the remains of the same type of side trim panels used to close the sides of the boot off like the 403's.

I should but cant remember what this material was called but the best description I can come up with was a sort of superior compressed card, the back colour grey the surface visible in the boot black.

I did have one 401 with a ply wood bulkhead between the back seat and the boot it fitted well but I have no idea if it was factory original or a later mod.

Hope this is of some help.





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Thanks Geoff any thing is a help didn't think of the back of the seat forgot that it will be seen ,  you have just given me another job for tonight  '' thank you''  would the card be MILLBOARD ???  Keith

Hi Keith,

I don't think its millboard, the finish on the outside surface reminded me of the vinyl trim in the later cars boots but smother , I will if we don't have too much snow tomorrow try and find the trims I took of a 403 to use on my 401  LRU, give you an update and upload a photograph if i am not too incompetent.

Alternatively as it is a special why don't you cover everything with edge bound carpet like the later Rolls Royce and Bentleys, by the way whatever the material was called just remembered Bentley R Types also used it as their boot liners.