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Bristol Owners Heritage Trust event notice.

Bristol Owners Heritage Trust event notice:

On Tuesday, April 9 there will be a convoy, procession or cavalcade of Bristol cars and buses between the two west country Concordes; the first in Filton at Aerospace Bristol and the second , Concorde 002,  at Yeovilton Fleet Air Arm Museum. We will rendezvous quite early at Aerospace Bristol Filton for a start at 9:30 to 10 am and lunch will be served at Yeovilton. Cars must be at Filton at least by 08:30hrs for coffee and an event introduction prior to departure for Yeovilton at 09:30hrs.

 We will be in touch later with accommodation suggestions for any Bristol drivers who would like to stay the night before.

Cost of admission to both museums and lunch is £25 per head , which gives you readmission to both museums for 12 months.

 Please mark your diaries and notify your interest in joining the procession to Peter Campbell at    



I have moved your mail to BODA Announcements as there is already a mail here from Stefan on this topic

I would love to attend but unfortunately it is not possible. I worked as an aerodynamicist from 1962 to 1969 on Concorde in Filton so could observe the progress of 002 as it was being built and saw the first flight. I was only in a lowly position but had contact to many of the important engineers on both British and French sides. At the time it just seemed a normal job but only in retrospect does one realise what a fantastic time it was. And in the early days all done by slide rule, mechanical desk top calculators and engineering knowledge. 

The sharp eyed can see the differences between the final production aircraft in Bristol and the prototype in Yeovilton. On the way to the production aircraft many things were changed including the droop nose and visor, the rear fuselage and fin, the outer wings, the nacelles and intakes and of course the engines. So the production aircraft was completely different which of course all led to the increase in cost. It was a constant fight for range against the enemies of weight, aerodynamic drag, cost and timing.

Anyway enough of the reminiscences. Have a great day



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