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Bristol Special. In for paint:

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There is something special about a car in fresh primer don't you think.  Maybe it is because for the first time a patchy looking restoration shows the promise of smooth surfaces and elegant lines.  Maybe it is the question the case poses - what colour will I be?

Looks great anyway.  I can't wait to see it in its new top coat.



Me to , going for a traditional look British Racing Green Boring I now but there’s a few different shades I can chose from ? 

I remortgaged my house and borrowed money (I love my understanding wife) when Bristol advertised my dream car.  Fiscally irresponsible maybe but the heart approved mightily.

The car was a 411 s1 with red interior in (a dark) British Racing Green.  Don't think I would ever change it even though not the original colour.  It is the car I would have ordered from the factory in 1970 if I were a little older and a lot more wealthy.