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Disc brakes for a 405

My 405 has just been fitted with a disc brake kit from SLJ. At the same time we have taken the opportunity to fit a new diaphragm clutch supplied by BODA. The existing clutch was starting to slip anyway and required attention so this was a good opportunity to change. Both clutch and disc brake kit have been easily installed and impressed with their quality. 

I have just done the first test drive and the improvement was immediately apparent. The clutch was very responsive and required lighter pedal pressure. Although the original Alfin drum brakes are quite effective, mine have always suffered from a brake judder particularly at high speeds on the Autobahn which we had not been able to cure. The disc brakes were very effective and smooth.

The whole feeling of the car was improved, the steering was lighter and more precise and the gear change was like butter! I had always had problems with engaging reverse gear but this was now no longer difficult.

All in all, despite being fairly costly this was a very well worthwhile update.

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ANTONY FANSHAWE has reacted to this post.

Doing much the same for my 403. I find that stopping is important! 

I agree about stopping! I have had some near squeaks in the past!

It will be interesting to hear about your experince of fitting discs to a 403. A bit more difficult I guess than the 405 but the difference will be more noticeable.

The guy who fitted the disc kit on my 405 said that the work went very smoothly and was very straight forward.