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LED bulbs

Care is advised when purchasing LED car bulbs, as the latest generation of some types of bulbs are far superior to the previous ones that were available. Some firms, however, still sell the inferior LED bulbs to the unwary. I have had good experience when buying LED bulbs for my 403 and Riley 1.5 from this firm:   0800 246 5678


 Friends to whom I have recommended them also have reported satisfaction with sales and also after-sales service, so I feel confident in posting their details here to initiate this section of the forum but, of course, caveat emptor applies.


The boss is Duncan Rickards. He was most helpful and knowledgeable, and advises on the availability of the new generation bulbs.  The website has interesting graphs which shows that, counterintuitively, you should use coloured ( not white ) bulbs behind coloured lenses.


 My Light Up report in the July / August 2017 edition of BODAcious shows a picture of the brightness comparison between a 10 watt bulb in the rear nearside of my 403 and an LED in the rear offside.


 Dave Dale.