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new dash

just a update on the Bristol Special rebuild not a lot to report as been out at the shows trying to earn a bit of cash to finish the  rebuild The Beaulie auto jumble was good met a few Bristol owners and brought sum nice Bristol parts although at inflated prices ! A set of 400 side lights now listed on EBay 401 fog  lights rear light boxes head lights (PF770)

Back to the rebuild pic of a mock up for the Dash so  far as the original proved to difficult to match up to the triumph engine /gearbox so have used all new gauges ready for a rewire   as seen in pic fished of the boot lining ready for trimming  and fitted the front seats from a jaguar scratched my head  a bit trying  to work out how the electrics  worked on them ? Next job will be fitting the centre consul  with a radio sat nav screen and + revering  cam   


400 lights on EBay