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Overdrive failed

Driving my 403 yesterday on a long mainly motorway trip the overdrive started cutting in and out after a couple of hours, and then failed to re-engage.  I have not yet had a chance to dive in and have a look to trace the wiring and find out if it has a relay - but any suggestions would be welcome Thanks Chris


You might find this of use.



That a useful piece of info. I have uploaded it onto the website


Many thanks Geoff - just fixed an oil leak so this is now my next task.  Looks like I will have to remove the transmission tunnel for access.  Will let you know what I find! Cheers Chris

Finally fixed - once the transmission tunnel was off, and a cap that was bonded on over the overdrive connections came off, the wires feeding the unit had broken.  I replaced the overdrive switch too - all now working perfectly - so thanks again for the response Geoff